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Recently when I was making a batch of Pikachu Tofus I totally messed up and put this one’s face on the wrong side.  Since I can’t bring myself to sell it I decided the best thing to do was to give this little guy away to one of my followers.  And thus we have the “My Mistake is Your Win” giveaway! 

To enter please follow the rules below:

  • As of now there will be one winner.  The winner will receive the Pikachu Tofu shown above!  If I reach 150 followers before the giveaway is over I will add a second winner and prize (details below).  In this instance two names will be drawn and the first one drawn will get to pick which prize they want~
  • Since this is a giveaway for my followers you must be following me at tofutastic  Also no giveaway blogs (I will check!)
  • You can have up to two entries in the giveaway, 1 for reblogging  + 1 for liking the post.  As an added bonus to my current followers anyone who was already following me before I posted the giveaway will receive a third entry (I’ve already got a list of your tumblr names!)
  • Please have your ask box open for me to contact you if you win
  • You must be comfortable giving me your name and address so I can ship you’re prize
  •  You must be older than 18 to enter!  If you are under 18 please get your parent’s permission to enter
  • This contest is open to both domestic(US) and international entries!  However, I will be shipping through USPS first class so tracking will not be available (and I’ve had packages take 1-3 months to arrive overseas)
  •  The contest will run from September 15, 2014 @8:00AM(EST) till October 18, 2014 @11:59PM(EST).  I will pick the winner by a random number generator and once contacted they will have 24 hours to respond.  If they do not respond I will then pick another winner! 
  •  Do not delete anything I have typed in this post!

As an added bonus if I reach 150 follows before the giveaway is over I will be adding a second winner and this Arpakasso inspired Tofu as an additional prize! 

I think that is it, if you have any questions feel free to message me!  Thanks so much and good luck everyone!!

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Ignition: Artist Alley EVOLVED!! | Facebook

For the local crowd:  I’ll be at Ignition hosted at the Acme Comic store in Longwood September 27th!  I know a lot of people will be at AWA that weekend but if you aren’t and are in town stop by~

I’m also excited about this event cause this place is like up the street from my favorite Polish Resaurant so I’m looking forward to getting pierogi and homemade apple sauce hohoho

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Someone at Anime Day last this bag they got from me! If it was you or you know who it was please contact me! You will have to let me know what else was in the bag as well~ Thanks

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So here’s some of the AWESOME people i met today and the EPIC stuff I got. All in all, I’d say today was a pretty awesome day.

Thanks so much for getting some stuff from me today X3

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All set up at Orlando Anime Day! We’ll be here till 6~

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Orlando Anime Day: home

I will be attend the artist alley at Orlando Anime Day this weekend! There  is a slight chance I may not be able to be there Sunday but I will be there all day Saturday~

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Otakon goodies! Special thanks to hamletmachine and prince-ichi for robbing me of most of my money being amazing and having awesome stuff! Hope to see you guys next year at Katsucon!

1. T-shirts! A couple of Black Butler ones (my current love), an “official” Otakon 2014 shirt, and a Junes/Persona 4 shirt.

2. A dual-sided Rin/Haru (Free!) pillowcase (much sugoi~)

3. Starfighter comics 1-3 along with four prints (all signed!) and a wristband. Teahouse #5 is lurking in the upper-right.

4. Satsuki Kiryuin stickers (a KLK premiere freebie) and a silver ear cuff (for the more casual days when my dragon’s too much).

5. My Otakon badge, an SnK keychain (a gift from a friend), and my OTKeychains (Klapollo & NaruMitsu — Clear and Ren are just my two faves that I requested).

6. Sei (True Form) keychain from DRAMAtical Murder.

7. Aoba (True Form) also from DMMd.

8. An usagimadoki keychain plush (super-squishy!).

9. Rei Ryugazaki & Rin Matsuoka (not pictured) merman keychains from Free!

10. My Kigurumi Ren dust plug! Words can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to finally have something for my phone~

Wooo! Thanks so much for getting the Usagimodoki Keychain from me :D

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A very dapper gentleman took a photo with some equally dapper Tofus!

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ahhhh i got a handful of tofus from you at otakon (4 regular tofus, a small brown keychain tofu, and an usagimodoki keychain tofu) and i wish id had more money then so i could be drowning in them now bc theyre so cute wow
Anonymous asked


Haha thanks so much, I’m glad you like them all X3  And I know the feeling about wanting to drown in the Tofus, whenever I start packing them I’m always tempted to throw them all on the bed and roll around in em lol 

Answered on my personal tumblr, reblogging it here X3

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My otakon loot~ not including a couple of things I got for Julianne

Wooo!  Thanks so much for getting the Usagimodoki keychain from me X3!