Posted 1 day ago

I kept forgetting to buy new button parts this past week and when I finally sat down and made a bunch of buttons for AFO this weekend I realized I only have like 30 left for Otakon @___@  Hopefully my shipment arrives before then!

Posted 3 days ago

Working on the last of the grab bag Tofus for Otakon while playing Tomodachi Life! Has anyone else here been playing it? So far I’m really enjoying it as a casual game to play.

Posted 4 days ago

Working on some grab bag Tofus for Otakon! I really like how the flower crown one turned out~

Posted 1 week ago

An army of Puppycat Tofus are getting their mouths painted on!

Posted 1 week ago

Working on making some simple packaging for button sets!

Posted 2 weeks ago

It’s crunch time for Otakon! I have a ton of Tofus sewn and stuffed so hopefully I’ll be able to finish everything~

Posted 1 month ago

We’re doing a Pokémon themed giveaway over on our Facebook page! Head to for how to enter~

Posted 1 month ago


Love all my stuff from Knightrokon. Now that I’m home it’s time for sleep.

Thanks so much for buying the Tofu and Disco Fever sticker from me X3!

Posted 1 month ago

Was very excited when I went to Knightrokon today because the car I parked next to was sporting a pair of creeper dice I made!  It’s been a long time since I made these so it made me feel extra awesome :D

Posted 1 month ago

Some grab bags I drew for Knightrokon this weekend!